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Bug's Eye View
Current Roleplaying Commitments 
25th-Sep-2008 10:23 am
Spider-Man is currently confiding in Daredevil, here :

Morph of the Exiles gets a small check-in scene, here :

Xander feels way over his head here :

In the DC Arena, the Phantom Stranger provides some exposition and foreshadowing for Watchtower's Crisis plot, here :

Blue Beetle is quite popular, apparently. He's cameoing in WT Mind Games plot :

He's appearing at a fundraiser at Chaney's Bar in conjunction with the Crisis plot (alongside Richard Dragon, another DC muse of mine):

And last, but not least, he's trying to rehabilitate the KGBeast, here :

The Riddler, not to be outdone, is appearing in advance of his release from Arkham, here :

Vandal Savage's latest shenanigans come to an end - or DO they? - over here :

And I'm temping evil genius T.O. Morrow over here :

Nothing going on for Herc, Thanos, Rick Jones, Quasar, Reed Richards, or Jamie Madrox in my Marvel Squad; haven't popped up with Blackadder or Dr. Venture in the Nexus for a while; and on the DC side, Ambush Bug, Calculator, Kid Flash, Invisible Kid, L-Ron, Question, and Hal Jordan sit relatively inactive, though most of them have appeared somewhere in the last month.

I may have too many characters. ;)
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