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Bug's Eye View

Ted Kord
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Ted Kord inherited the mantle of Blue Beetle from Dan Garrett - unfortunately, Garrett's mystical scarab did not embue Ted with its power; rather, he had to rely on gadgetry and his own skill for his crimefighting career.

Fortunately, Ted Kord is a master inventor, and the founder and President of K.O.R.D. Industries. (Kord Omniversal Research and Development) This gives him access to fantastic technological resources, some of which have been used to bolster the technology of the Justice League, Teen Titans, and Justice Society. Wayne Enterprises currently holds the majority of outstanding shares in KORD Industries.

As the Blue Beetle, Ted became a member of the Justice League International in the aftermath of the 'Legends' event. His best friend and cohort in pranks was (and remains) Booster Gold.

After his time in the league had passed, Ted discovered that he had a heart condition, which severely curtailed both his diet and his crimefighting activities. Ever a problem-solver, Ted has recently devised a way around his physical limitations - having constructed a robotic avatar that he can mentally control from a distance. Using that avatar, he once again fights crime as the Blue Beetle.