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12th-Dec-2006 01:37 pm
Blue Beetle, on jla_watchtower

Adopted as of April 6th, 2006

Prior History : Ted's heart condition had begun to cut into his life of crime-fighting; though he acted in Justice League meetings and served rotations on monitor duty, much of his time was spent at home, playing video games or engaging in other distractions. Aside from his ex-JLI comrades, he struck up a tentative romance with Shayera Thal (which was terminated by Katar Hol's return from the dead) and found an offbeat friendship with Vic Sage, AKA The Question.

Recent History : Ted has launched himself back into crimefighting through the use of a robotic avatar, which he controls through a kind of electronically-simulated telepathy. After a raid on a STAR Labs facility by Dr. Light's Monster Society, which Ted helped to contain, he rejoined the Justice League as an active member. As a result of his return to crimefighting, his mood and confidence are both much improved.

Current and Future Plans : Ted is involved as the object of Harley Quinn's demented affections in Too Much of a Good Thing, after helping to save her life after Deathstroke cut her throat. He is also currently working on some side projects - he's hoping to produce a similar robotic avatar for Oracle, to act as a home-security supplement. A recent scuffle in which his own avatar was damaged left him with the conclusion that he needs some kind of a back-up unit.
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