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Bug's Eye View
Roleplaying To-Do List 
24th-Oct-2006 02:37 pm
Ted Kord : Upcoming plot with Harley and Ivy; possibly some minor role in Dr. Light stuff.

Bart Allen : Dialogue with Robin and Superboy. Possibly some minor role in Dr. Light stuff.

Stranger : Possibly a cameo in the upcoming Spectre stuff, if that happens.

Lyle Norg : Appearing in my own Seeds of Eternity plot. Soon to refit JL Satellite.

Ambush Bug : 'Urban Renewal' miniplot. Working with Amelia Zukov, too. Upcoming Ambush Bug Presents.

Calculator : Small bit parts in Dr. Light thing; upcoming chaos in the society. Supposed to kidnap Savant, sometime - when?

Richard Dragon : Major Martial Arts tournament idea.

Secret Villain : Already have a couple of nifty notions to follow-up his role in the Light plot and Seeds of Eternity.
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